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Lipa Mos Mos

What is Lipa Mos Mos?

Lipa mos mos is an initiative by Skysail Mabati that enables clients pay for our products with flexibility over a period of 6 months with 0% interest. The initiative is aimed at enabling everyone interested in our products to purchase their desired mabati or accessories without the pressure of paying the whole amount all at ones.

Who Qualifies for Lipa Mos Mos?

Anyone over the age of 18 with a valid ID qualifies for the Lipa mos mos initiative.

How do i make payments?

Payments are strictly via MPesa paybill number 329329 A/C No. 0102476547200 or via bank transfer Standard Chartered A/C No. 0102476547200 A/C Name. Adingbo Co. Limited.

What products can i get?

You can get all Skysail Mabati products available on our website

What Happens if I miss payments?

You are given 6 months to complete your payment. If you skip a month, you can still pay before the date of completion. If the payment is not completed by then, you will get goods worth the deposited amount.

Why should I Sign Up?

Payment flexibility for a product over a duration of time enables you to pay for other bills with ease.


Will I be charged extra cost for transport?

No. Skysail mabati prides itself in offering free delivery services to all our clients across the country.

Can I purchase the products for another person?

Yes. You can purchase any of our products for a friend or relative. You will however be responsible for the monthly payments.

How do I know my balance?

To know about your balance, contact us at 0753 666 888 or visit our offices at Lukenya Park C godown 22, Athi River or Komora Gardens, along Lumumba Avenue Eldoret, Rift Valley Province.

Terms and conditions.

  • Does not apply to discounted or promotional products.
  • Money deposited is not refundable.