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Skysail IT5

Industrial Trough 5 (IT5) popularly known as Box Profile is the best Box Profile mabati in Kenya with affordable, competitive price which offers a beautiful style and distinctive elegance bringing out the best house design.

It has five troughs and six ribs which conveys liquid hence convenient during rainy days. With its remarkable strength its applicable on roofing and walling perfect for commercial purposes.

skysail 840 Mabati

Popularly known as Versatile, Skysail 840 is the best steel tile roofing sheet mabati in Kenya with affordable, competitive price offering a beautiful house design with a much longer life span due to its durability, not easy to rust or fade making it a leader in steel tile roofing sheets in Kenya.

Skysail 868 Mabati

Popularly known as Orientile, Skysail 868 is the best mabati profile form in Kenya with affordable, competitive price suitable for a beautiful house design and proven to be durable and long lasting.

corrugated galvanized mabati

Skysail Mabati Factory offers corrugated galvanized iron roofing mabati sheets that are color coated (pre-painted) as part of the manufacturing process to ensure your finished corrugated iron mabati sheets already have the color you desire, upon purchase, to enable you to pick a color that works best for your roofing or decor needs.

Corrugated Galvanized Mabati

Stone-Coated Roofing tiles

COT Roofing tiles is the home of premium and the best quality stone coated sheets in Kenya which is proven, tested and certified by KEBS. Our products are of long lasting, quality and durable nature and very affordable with competitive prices offering beauty, style and distinctive elegance with versatility making us stand out in the entire region. The following are the types of our stone coated tiles

  • Shingle Tile
  • Classic Tile
  • Roman Tile