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5 Surprising Facts About Skysail Mabati

5 Surprising Facts About Skysail Mabati

Skysail Mabati are becoming more popular for good reason. Here are five unexpected benefits of this long-lasting and low-cost roofing option.

High Wind Resistance

Because of its high uplift resistance, our roofs are an excellent alternative for those who live in windy areas. Unlike shingles and shakes, which may be readily ripped off by a high wind, our mabati are made of big panels that are difficult for the wind to tear apart. They are also less likely to be partially dislodged by ice and subsequently blown off during a winter storm, which is a problem for individuals with vacation homes in colder climates.

Energy Efficiency

Investing in Skysail Mabati will help you save money on your energy expenses, especially during the hot summer months. This roofing material naturally reflects more sunlight, keeping your home cooler and your air conditioner working less hard. There are also specific “cool roof” coatings that may be applied to metal roofs to increase their energy efficiency even more.

Style Variability

Many people associate metal roofs with the gleaming tin roofs of yesteryear. Today’s metal roofs, on the other hand, come in hundreds of different styles and colors. Some are even designed to seem like other types of roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles or cedar shakes. We can help you locate a metal roof that complements the design of your home, whether it is modern, Craftsman, Victorian, or any other style.


If you have a metal roof installed now, chances are you will never have to repair it again in your life. Metal roofs have a lifespan of 50 years or more. When compared to the 20-year life expectancy of a shingle roof, a metal roof appears to be a truly excellent investment.

Low Maintenance

Metal roofs have a low maintenance requirement. They are not a breeding ground for algae and mold like many other roofing materials, so you won’t need to clean your roof as frequently. There are no shingles to repair or maintain. Metal roofs are now made of rust-proof materials such as zinc-aluminum alloys, so they don’t even need to be painted or coated. The only typical maintenance required is re-sealing the joints between panels every 20 years or so.

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