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Should You Repair, Patch, Or Replace Your Roof?

Establishments improvement require making good decisions in the aim of reducing costs of especially large, complex  projects like roofing and reroofing therefore before hiring a fundi or choosing a decra, mabati or shingle manufacturer key decisions have to be made, first one being whether to patch leaks and damaged areas or whether to partially or completely reroof, if you settle with reroofing you have to make the decision of whether to reroof over the existing roof or remove the existing roof with both costing.

If You Choose Repairing

Replacing mabati, shingles or decra caused by damages caused by weather or falls by objects are easy and economical. Damaged or torn mabati, shingles or decra can be removed and replaced by being slipped unfortunately unless the roof is new and you happen to have spare mabati, shingle or decra material from the previous mjengo, the patch work may not end up matching the existing roof.

Partial Roofing 

In a case where the damage is on one side of the roof then reroofing is an option to pursue which will be less costly compared to replacing the entire roof. Partial roofing will provide an opportunity to blend the new, old, colours and design.

For Long Term Is A New Roof Cheaper?

It’s wise to have the entire roof replaced even if there are signs of wear and tear on one side of the roof to avoid additional cost in the future when the other side of the roof begins to wear, get damaged or have leaks and also minimising mjengo activities over a short period of time which can be tiring. The additional cost in the future may be due to factors to do with prices of the material going up over the years. 

Do You Tear Off or Roof Over

Upon deciding on reroofing, the next decision is whether to install your new roofing on the existing one or tear the old one off, this boils down to saving a little now and risking greater expenses later in the future or spend more now, get the job done well and minimize future expenses.

The process of installing a new roof is expensive but will last you for years, do it well and during the stormy, windy weather you won’t have anything to worry about when it comes to damages or repairs.

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