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How To Maintain And Clean Gutters

With the rainy season here with us in Kenya and also during sunny seasons, many people wonder how they may be able to maintain and clean gutters effectively. Gutters play a vital role in the house, this is because gutters that are horribly maintained or damaged might lead to damage of other roofing and home parts, thus ensuring that they are in good condition is highly recommended. We will highlight a few ways of cleaning and maintaining gutters.

People find a hard time dealing with blockages during windy seasons and seasonal changes which causes trees to lose leaves, twigs, and other debris that find their way into the gutters thus prioritizing on installing a gutter guard to prevent the entry of such components. A gutter guard is made of a plastic mesh that fits the gutter with the aim of preventing clogging of the gutter, of which unwanted materials that clog up the gutters need to be removed from the gutter before installation of the guard.
Avoid using a stick or forcing debris down the downpipe of the gutters since it will cause clogging. When removing debris with your hands make sure you wear gloves and push the debris away from the entry of the downpipe, then dispose appropriately.
Before getting a gutter guard check carefully if there is any corrosion or leakages on the roof. Installing a (polyvinyl chloride) PVC gutter is the best gutter to install as it is robust, durable and doesn’t lead to corrosion compared to aluminum gutter which leads to corrosion thus gutter corrosion isn’t an issue. If you have aluminum gutter and your gutter suffers from corrosion then the intervention of a professional is needed to replace or repair the parts.
After observing all than then you are good to install a gutter guard which will ease future gutter cleaning and maintenance. If you choose not to use a gutter guard then its highly recommended that you do regular checks if there are any debris which have made their way into the gutters. If any of the gutter straps have been damaged or broken then it’s important you replace or repair them immediately.

Skysail mabati prides itself as a company that offers the best, affordable, quality, durable, and long-lasting PVC gutters that don’t corrode/rust and roofing accessories with a warranty. If you have any issues with your gutters and a hard time maintaining and cleaning them, don’t be shy, contact us and we will be of service and help

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