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How To Nail Tile Profile Mabati

Many people in Nairobi and Kenya as a whole have witnessed their tile profile mabati go to waste when they do roofing during their mjengo projects, this leads to them purchasing more mabati and even at times low-quality mabati so as to save money but eventually it gets worse and expensive. This makes clients working on a mjengo to wonder if it is easy to nail tile profile mabati in Nairobi and Kenya as a whole if it’s easy, effective, efficient, affordable, how one can do it, and if one can do without the help of a fundi and just do it by themselves? We will take you through how one can nail a tile profile mabati.

The first step is building trusses which may be made of wood, light gauge steel or heavy gauge steel commonly used for godowns, trusses are made for placing roofing mabati. After making the trusses, lay one roof tile on another in tiers from (polyvinyl chloride) pvc gutters of the roof, pvc gutters are basically the part of the roof that meets or overhangs the wall of a building, simply a roofline. Keep 10~20mm distance between pvc gutters and bottom line of roof tile, nailing positions are on the pvc gutters.

Note when overlapping tile A with tile B, overlapped of tile A should be up that is put tile B under tile A. The tile profile mabati is designed to make interlocking convenient hence when overlapping the correct way it interlocks effortlessly, thus nailing is not done on the initial point of interlocking contact. Nailing position is therefore done on top of the curved surface of the profile tile which is known as the rib and there should be a distance on the rib which is known as a crest. On top the rib rubber washer should be applied to prevent leakages especially during rainy seasons. 

Lay one roof tile on another in tiers from pvc gutters of the roof, fill up a gap with finishing kit in nailing positions of the tile profile mabati. Fold the end part of the roof tile which meets the barge board flashing, cut the end part of the roof which meets the valley and put the cut roof tile above the valley and fold down the end part. That’s how one accomplishes nailing of a tile profile mabati and the process of roofing installation.

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