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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About A New Roof

When preparing for a mjengo project in Kenya owners of a house or a particular mjengo project usually wonder where to start and they usually ask a lot of questions about the entire process. We have prepared the most frequently asked questions about a new roof while giving you in-depth solutions and advice from roofing professionals with creditable years of experience in Kenya.

What are the indicators of roof problems?
Attic and ceilings leaking
Curling shingles, bare and thinning roofing
Broken mabati and tiles
Wind damage

What are the indications that I need a new roof?
Reroofing is a huge call that will solve a lot of damage in the long run and the main question is usually when does one know when to replace the roof?
-When on the ceiling in the attic and crawl spaces have wet spots.
-Leakages on the mabati.
-Rust of the mabati.
-Loose and warped which compromise insulation, protection, and security due to aging, extreme weather, or vandalism.
-If the mabati is blistering.
-Spongy feeling when walking on your roofing this is due to the rotting roof.
-Water back up in the ridges.
A professional fundi roofing should be hired to thoroughly inspect if there are damages on the roof even when there are no clear signs of damages so as to be on time to replace the roof if needed.

How to choose the right roofing fundi?
Upon making the decision of replacing your roof the most critical decision to make is the fundi who will do your roof. Picking a fundi who will do a clean job appropriately, effectively while giving you the best advice will come in handy since the probability of your roofing lasting for years thus being durable and long-lasting. Doing your research and eventually hiring a credible roofing fundi will help you build a durable roof thus hiring a fundi who is less irritated with your questions, inquiries, demands to meet your roofing desires.

What are the roofing options?
There is a wide range of new roofs that can suit your desired outlook one is looking for. One can select the materials, color and style depending on the preference, price, quality, durability, wants, and needs. Select your mabati, shingles, roofing accessories, and more with the help of your roofing fundi who will be able to advise your roofing needs with clarity after interpreting your wants.

What’s needed to prepare for a new roofing installation?
When replacing your roof some steps to make the process smooth are; removing loose items from the wall and shelves to prevent falling of unsecured items due to the vibration caused by hammering up on your roof. Providing ample space for your roofing fundi so as to operate effectively includes moving vehicles away from parking lots that may be near the working space of the roof so as to prevent damages from taking place that may be caused by materials falling from the roof that’s being worked on.

Can a roof be repaired?
After the professional roofing fundi hired by you does all the necessary checks and sees if there are signs or no signs of damage then the fundi will be in a good condition to advise if the roof needs a complete re-roofing, partial re-roofing, or a simple repair as some roofing needs little repairs.

How long does a repair/roofing take?
During repairs or re-roofing there are factors that play a role. The factors vary from various permitting and inspection processes to availability of the materials to if the weather is favourable enough and finally the time frame given by the client. It is advisable you provide your roofing fundi with all the best materials needed, meet all the permits and inspection regulations and give the fundi realistic deadlines and finally observe favourable weather conditions so as to fasten the process.

How long with the new roof last?
Even the best, quality, durable, long-lasting mabati and roofing accessories have an expiration date. The better your roofing fundi and the materials being put to use, the higher of a probability your roof will last. Usually, the lifespan on a roof is 20 years but it can last longer depending on the regular maintenance level, weather, materials, and original construction.

How much will the repair/re-roof cost?
The cost of repairing or installing a new roof will depend on various factors such as the materials of the roof, the permits and necessary checks, the time frame, transport, labour, the quality of the materials and the expertise of the roofing fundis. All these factors put together will determine the total cost of the roofing, its advisable to always shop around and ask different roofing fundi for reference of their previous and ongoing work so as to make a wise decision.

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