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How To Find The Best Roofing Mabati Factory In Kenya

Finding the best company with credibility that offers the best, quality, and affordable mabati roofing services in Kenya is usually a hard task due to the variety and diverse roofing companies, making it hard to make a solid decision. There are many reasons why one may be in need of a roofing mabati company. Mabati tends to have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years depending on the material, weather exposure and the quality of installation. Natural disasters and other events may shorten the lifespan of the mabati.

Different variants determine the cost of mabati. Major factors include roofing materials, size, type and complication of the property, whether a complete removal and replacement is needed or a new layer over an existing roof, and any required permits. The following are some of the things to consider when looking for the best roofing mabati roofing.


Is it easy to access the mabati company via social media, email, messages, calls, and website, or even countrywide offices/shops. It should be easy to access a mabati company by getting in touch with them for inquiries, purchase, and delivery process. If the company has different outlets/shops or distributors countrywide, that’s a sign of accessibility ease and reliableness.


What types of roofing products and services do the roofing company offer? Are they of good quality, cutting edge, and long-lasting? Do the services include quotation, inspections, replacements, construction, repairs, maintenance, and customer care support. Do the roofing materials they offer like mabati, shingle, or box profile suit your wants and needs at the moment, and are they of quality nature? The same applies to the services like installation, maintenance, repairing, and replacing.


Does the company offer a warranty and what’s the duration of the particular warranty? A company which offers a warranty is very confident of their product. The longer the warranty the more confident the company is about the mabati.


Is delivery offered by the company or you have to go and take the mabati for yourself and transport them to your destination. If they offer the delivery, find out if it’s free or you have to pay a fee.


With the effect of global warming, it’s advisable to purchase materials that are environmentally friendly and don’t cause harm to the immediate environment, thus companies that sell eco-friendly roofing materials are the best option.


Roofing materials that are recyclable are the best to purchase this is due to easy disposal in the future, companies that offer and produce such are the best to purchase from


Mabati companies which have a proven track record, good reviews, and years of experience in producing incredible mabati and roofing materials are the best to purchase from.


A mabati company should have the utmost dedication when it comes to their customers and clients. From the receptionist to after-sale the customer should always feel welcomed, helped, and expectations and needs met without a doubt exhausting all questions, complaints, and queries as clarity, answers, and solutions are given to the client and the customer is happy at the end of the day.


The products made by the company should meet all safety and regulation rules. This includes the safety of workers working on the mabati should be provided with the needed safety gear and the environment should be conducive for working. The products should be really safe for use and guidelines of how to use the various products should be highlighted so as to avoid harming any customer.


You should make sure that the mabati you want to purchase is approved by the relevant authorities, that is the Kenya bureau of standards has satisfied the product, meaning the mabati has passed tests for standardization and is ready to be used.


Does the company offer other roofing materials like a gutter, nails, pipes, badge board, valley tray, and many more, then find out if they are of high quality and if you get a discount because you are buying roofing materials and accessories in one place.


The price of the product plays a huge role when purchasing roofing material but after considering all the above mentioned then the next step is tallying the different prices and making a solid decision.

Skysail mabati prides itself as the best, leading mabati company in Kenya with the best, quality, affordable, durable and long lasting mabati. We give a warrant to all our roofing materials and accessories plus offer free delivery countrywide. Our lines and social media are always open for our clients 24/7, 365 and you can give us a call and we will be of service, don’t be shy.

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