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Skysail Mabati Faq

What are the product varieties that you offer?
We offer a wide range of solutions for the industrial/commercial and residential markets. Many Kenyans are enjoying their beautiful establishments with our roofing sheets from the broad selection of styles, profiles, colors, and finishes that we offer. We have a variety of mabati products to suit your taste such as IT5 box Profile, Skysail 840, SkySail 868, and our recent new profile addition known as Gem tile. They all have
Gloss, Floral, and Matte Finishes. We also offer roofing accessories such as ridges, rubber washers, plain sheets, roofing nails, and valleys to cater to all your roofing needs.

I would like to learn more about your products.
Kindly visit our website for more information, alternatively, call 0753 666 888 or visit our factory for more information. We are located at Lukenya park C Mombasa road, at Kitengela junction near Coloho Mall, Athi River, Eastern Province.

Requesting a quotation for SKY SAIL 840 & SKYSAIL 868
We are happy to provide a quote if you provide us with the quantity required.

Do you provide delivery services?
Yes, we do offer free delivery services within 72 hours for orders amounting to 40 pieces and above.

Mabati moja ni how much?
We do not sell our roofing sheets per piece, we sell them per meter hence we customize sizes. We offer customizable sheets that are pre-cut to your exact roofing measurements to save you on offcuts wastage.
The only items sold per piece are decras. We recommend that you ask your fundi for the exact measurements and quantity needed to enable us to develop your quotation. E.g IT5 is 450 per meter hence a piece of 3m will be 1350.

Can you give me mabati first then i pay you pole pole?
Lipa mos mos is a program and an initiative of Skysail mabati that enables our clients to pay for their roofing sheets in six-month instalments. Upon completion, we release the roofing sheets and deliver them to your site.

Why the price difference from other companies?
We pride ourselves in producing roofing sheets that are of superior quality which is determined by the quality of coils that we use to produce them. Our Steel coils are imported from an established supplies company known as Sino Steel. Thus our products are a lifetime investment for an ever glowing roof.

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