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The scientific reason why your mabati from Skysail will last and not rust.

Skysail Mabati roofing tiles are only made using the highest grade Alu-Zinc steel to ensure longevity.

When exposed to air, normal steel starts to corrode and rust.

Depending on the climate, an untreated steel roof will most likely only last a year. This means that they will begin to fade and rust fast. While this might not be an issue for storage or an agricultural shed, it’s clearly not a viable option for a house.

Zinc is added to steel to make it galvanized. Steel metal is galvanized for corrosion protection from air and oxygen exposure. The reason is that Zinc is designed to corrode and rust to ensure that steel remains intact. Galvanized steel roofs might last three or more years before they need to be replaced because of this extra life extension. However, since you are looking to have a lifetime investment in your roof, you would not want one that will only last for a few years before it wears out.

Aluminum is designed to be a sacrificial metal, just like zinc.

Fundamentally, aluminum protects zinc, and zinc protects the steel. This prevents the occurrence of white corrosion on the roof and extends the lifespan of the roof.

Having said that, here is our secret formula to guarantee value for your money when you purchase our roofing sheets.

Aluminum is added to galvanized steel to create Alu-zinc steel. The exact amount of aluminum and zinc added to the steel has a big impact on how long it will last.

We at Skysail Mabati use an exact mixture of al-zinc that is scientifically calculated to provide long-term value for all our customers. Since Alu-zinc is invisible to the naked eye, you cannot tell how much Alu-zinc is in the tile by looking at it. It is therefore important that you choose a trusted and reputable mabati roofing company like Skysail Mabati when sourcing your roof.

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