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7 Reasons why Skysail Mabati Roofing Sheets are becoming popular in Kenya.

It’s no secret that homeowners are spoilt for choice because of the numerous roofing
solutions offered in Kenya but Metal roofing is commonly known as “Mabati roofing” has
withstood the test of time from back in the day. They are the most popular and are
commonly referred to as “lifetime roofs” because once installed, you will never need to
stress about replacing your roof again.

Why are Skysail Mabati roofing sheets becoming increasingly popular in Kenya?

  1. Affordability – Yeap you read that right. I know what you’re thinking… How can it
    be affordable and yet it is more costly than other building materials? Well the
    truth of the matter is that it will save you a fortune in the long term.Skysail Mabati
    roofing sheets will last you several decades longer than most other roof options
    This means that you will incur no maintenance/repair cost in the long run.
  1. Durability – Skysail Mabati roofing sheets can last as long as the house itself.
    Skysail Mabati roofing sheets are built to last. Skysail Mabati has the best,
    premium and quality mabati. That is why our happy clients portfolio is continually
    on the rise as we roof Kenyan homes one at a time.
  1. Fire resistance – Did you know that Skysail Mabati roofing sheets have a “Class
    A” fire rating? This means that they are one of the most high fire-resistant options
    in the market for roofing materials. Although this does not mean that they are
    100% fireproof.
  1. Rust & Fade Free – Our mabati does not rust even when it rains heavily hence
    good for rainy areas, they don’t fade hence favorable for sunny areas.
  1. Ease of installation – We offer customisable sheets that are precut to your exact
    roofing measurements to save you on offcuts wastage.This equips an
    experienced contractor to install your Skysail Mabati roof quickly,
    minimizing labor costs .
  1. Beautiful aesthetics – Skysail Mabati roofing sheets not only make your building
    functional but also aesthetically pleasing . Many Kenyans are enjoying their
    beautiful houses with our roofing sheets from the broad selection of styles,
    profiles, colors and finishes that we offer.We have a variety of mabati products to
    suit your taste such as IT5 box Profile, Skysail 840, and SkySail 868 all with
    Glossy,Floral and Matte FInishes.
  1. Free delivery to your site – “Uliskia Wapi!” Only Kenyans will relate.Anywho, we
    value all our customers and we know that a mjengo project is no joke that is why
    we offer free delivery of all purchased mabati roofing sheets to your site.So you
    can focus on other important aspects of your project!

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