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Know Your Mabati Gauges

What is Mabati gauge and how does it work?
If you’re shopping for mabati, you might have come across the term ‘gauge’. Let’s clarify exactly what this term means. A gauge is a measurement of sheet thickness. Mabati Gauge sizes work in reverse. As the gauge numbers increase, the sheet thickness decreases. For example gauge(s) 30 are thinner than smaller numbers like gauge 28.

Gauges are measured so you are free to choose which size is right for you to use for your building project(s). Yes, the ball rolls on your court at the end of the day because you call the shots as the customer but it is harmless to mention that the lower the gauge size, the more likely you are able to enjoy the advantages of durable mabati sheets.

26 gauge mabati has a thickness of 0.4 mm while 28 gauge has a thickness of 0.3 mm and 30 gauge a thickness of 0.25 mm. Although minor, these differences make a significant impact on your mabati installation process.

Generally speaking, thicker sheet materials, like 26 gauge and 28 gauge, are easier to install because the fundi is able to walk over them and maneuver them without causing dents; as a result, the mabati is less likely to be damaged. The thickness of the mabati also protects them from environmental elements as well as extending their lifespan. With a heavier gauge size, get ready for a building journey that will bring nothing but satisfaction.

If you are still not sure which gauge to pick for your Mjengo project contact us for a free consultation on 0753 666 888. We will give you the best recommendations for your roofing needs. We have a reputation of making all our client’s smile because we take pride in offering our clients the best customer care services.

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