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Kenya’s Most Popular Roof Designs

Roof styles are often overlooked as a major architectural feature for any building. They can drastically affect your home’s visual appeal and structural performance, and they can also impact its value.

This blog is meant to explore the best type of roofing styles because they will add value to your home while helping to communicate the look and feel of your home, whether you’re building a new home or upgrading an existing one.

As important as it is to prepare and build a roof, the roofing material and style you choose can substantially impact the appearance of your property’s exterior.

There are various types of roofing that are popular for houses in Kenya but the commonly known ones are as follows;

1) Gable roofs – A gable roof is designed in such a way that its two main components angle upward and meet at a point at the peak, forming an A-frame pattern. The shingles can be placed in long rows, without cutting and fitting them in different shapes, which makes this roof easy to install.

2) Hipped roofs – Likewise, hipped roofs are very economical, although they are more expensive than gable roofs because of the truss work that is required to support the roof. Hipped roofs offer a pyramid-like design due to the angled sides.

Kenyan homeowners are particularly fond of gable and hipped roof styles because they are the most basic and least expensive to install.

If you have trouble making a decision regarding what roof design and style would be best for your house, consider driving around to estates with homes similar to yours and looking at the types of roofing they used.

In conclusion, I hope this blog gives you an idea of the perfect style for your house.

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