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The Best Iron Roofing Sheets For Your Livestock And Agricultural Buildings

Most people overlook the roof of an agricultural structure or livestock shed, but it is probably the most significant yet overlooked aspect of the building. You need to make sure your roof is in good shape in order to protect the animals on the inside from harsh weather conditions, strong sunlight, and heavy rain.

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Consider Box profile roofing sheets if you need iron sheet roofing materials that are weather-resistant and durable for your livestock shed or agricultural building. Skysail Mabati offers Box profiles (IT5) that are of premium quality in a range of profiles and coatings. We recommend Box profile roofing sheets for such projects because it gives you flexibility on price and colors to suit your budget.

Box profile is currently the hottest babe in town, outwitting the old fashioned corrugated sheets. There are several factors that make the Box profile from Skysail Mabati Factory a popular choice among many Kenyans.

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Besides the fact that it has a pleasant aesthetic appeal, it is also known to have long-lasting performance because it is fade-free and it does not rust. Box profile roofing sheets prices vary with the different mabati companies in Kenya but Skysail Mabati always promises and delivers superior quality. We pride in offering our customers a variety of color options to choose from. Our box profile mabati colors ranges are blue, red, charcoal grey, coffee brown and green.


This was a guide to help you choose the best roofing mabati specifically for agricultural and livestock shed projects. However, there are different roofing iron sheets that come with their own unique set of benefits, so it really is a case of choosing the one that is fit for your project.

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Our very capable team can give you a free consultation for roofing sheet choices if you’re not sure which one will suit your project best.

Overall, Skysail Mabati Factory produces and delivers the best roofing sheets in Kenya that will give you value for money, along with ease of installation and longevity. We are the best mabati manufactures in Kenya today. To order contact us at 0753 666 888

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