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What Is Rust and How Can It Affect Roofs?

What Is Rust and How Can It Affect Roofs?

Rust is a generic term for corrosion that occurs when the iron is exposed to oxygen and water and begins to corrode. It forms a red, flaky surface on the metal known as iron oxide.

Corrosion can occur on many metals; however, the rusted top surface of iron does not form a protective barrier to the internal metal layers, as it does on other metals such as silver. Such metals’ corroded surfaces form a chemically stable crust or seal around the rest of the metal. This is visible on silver when the surface tarnishes.

How Does Rust Affect Roofs?

If you are in charge of commercial or industrial buildings with metal roofs, or end-of-lease dilapidations, you are aware of the impact rust can have on metal roofs. The cost of materials, labor and any disruptions to work schedules inside the building can quickly add up. That is why superior metal roof protection, such as our All times Advantage coatings, is becoming increasingly important.

Although rust may appear to be something uncontrollable and inevitable, it is not. You can increase the lifespan of your metal roofs. Many metal roofs are affected by rust, which can be a difficult and costly problem to deal with. However, implementing a corrosion-resistant coating solution will reduce the long-term effects of rust on your roof projects.

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