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10 Types Of Roofs You Didn’t Know About.

10 Types Of Roofs You Didn’t Know About.

Gable roof

The triangle produced when the two pitched portions of the roof meet are referred to as a gable.

The gable roof is a particularly common style of the roof because it is simple to construct, sheds water well, allows for ventilation, and can be used with almost any building design.


Hip roofs are a little more complicated to construct and usually have four sides. It’s a popular option, however, it doesn’t have any ventilation. In high-wind situations, they function better.

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The Dutch roof is a hip roof with a tiny gable at each end. As a result, there is simpler access to the lower half of the roof, as well as more natural light and space.

Mansard roof

It’s a French style that’s more difficult to construct than a hip or gable roof. On each side, there are two slopes within a single slope. The roof slope is greater near the bottom, and the pitch of the roof hardly begins. This frees up space in the interior and, in most situations, produces additional space.

Flat roof

The majority of flat roofs are low-sloped roofs that appear flat but have a slight slope to allow for run-off water.

Shed roof

Shed roofs are similar to flat roofs but have a higher pitch and are commonly used for expansions or in combination with other roof forms.

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Butterfly roof

This is an extremely modern and artistically interesting design. It has adequate lighting and ventilation, but drainage is an issue.

Gambrel roof

It’s also known as barn roof because it’s commonly found on barns. It allows for more headroom in the attic.

Dormer roof

A dormer is more of an extension to a roof that already exists. It’s a window and a roof (gabled, hipped, flat, and so on) that protrudes from the roof’s existing slope. A functional dormer adds natural light and headroom by creating useful space out of the roof.

M Shaped

A double gable roof with two sloped sides that meet in the middle and corresponding slopes on either side is known as an M-shaped roof.

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